Faith Based Environmental Initiatives in Canada

Joanne Moyer: The King's University 

World Sikh Organization of Canada

About: The World Sikh Organization of Canada was formed as a non-profit organization to protect and promote Canadian Sikhs. They believe in promoting and protecting the rights of all individuals, regardless of race, economic status, ethnicity, gender, and religion.


Environmental Activities:

  • The seventh guru, Si Guru Har Rai Ji (1600s), is known for planting trees and creating gardens.
  • The Cycle of Creation (1999-2299) is a time to reflect on and celebrate the relationship with the environment.
  • EcoSikh, an environmental organization based in the US and India, has been active since 2010. Canadians have served on the board.
  • Sikh Environment Day has been celebrated on March 14th since 2011. It was started by EcoSikh and is promoted by the World Sikh Organization in Canada. Every Sikh is encouraged to plant a tree on Sikh Environment Day.
  • The World Sikh Organization of Canada “On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada Faith Communities in Canada Speak Out” (2015).
  • KarmaGrow: a gardening initiative. The produce is donated to local gurdwaras or the food bank.





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