Faith Based Environmental Initiatives in Canada

Joanne Moyer: The King's University 

Faith and the Common Good, Greening Sacred Spaces, Fossil Free Faith

About: Faith and the Common Good was established in 2000 as a national, interfaith organization. Greening Sacred Spaces is the longest-running program within Faith and the Common Good that looks to support educational and spiritual aspects in faith communities to enable them to reduce their environmental footprint.


Environmental Activities:

  • Greening Sacred Spaces’ environmental activities include education, congregational resources, retrofits, green teams, theological devotion, networking worship, agriculture and food, political advocacy, natural experiences, and conservation.
  • The main areas of concern include climate change, energy, money and finance, food and agriculture, Indigenous concerns, water, consumption, waste and pollution, the land, biodiversity, youth and transportation.
  • Programs and initiatives from Greening Sacred Spaces include supporting faith communities to address climate change, online and print education and action resources, and workshops on gardening, green teams, nature walks, and energy savings.
  • Building initiatives include Green Audits, Solar Audits, Retrofits, Green Teams, and community organizing. Greening Sacred Spaces also offers an award and certification for greening initiatives.
  • Greening Sacred Spaces coordinated with Fossil Free Faith network on divestment. Other initiatives include eco-theological and spiritual development, youth events, local animators/chapters that are involved in a variety of topics such as water, transportation, food security, and biodiversity.




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