Faith Based Environmental Initiatives in Canada

Joanne Moyer: The King's University 

Turtle Lodge

About: The Turtle Lodge for Indigenous Education and Wellness was built in 2002 with the vision of an Anishinaabe Elder. The work at the Turtle Lodge is guided off of the principles of reconnecting oneself with the Earth and Nature and sharing traditional knowledge with one another. As well, they are inclusive and believe in connecting with all nations and races.


Environmental Activities:

  • The Turtle Lodge offers a sacred space for events, conferences, healing, teaching, and ceremonies. These help each person in developing a perspective on what it means and looks like to live a good life. 
  • Some influences for the Elder who brought about the Turtle Lodge includes the 1992 UN Earth Summit and lighting the sacred fire, leading the opening ceremonies and a keynote speech at the  2010 G8 Summit on World Religions, to other spiritual leaders around the globe.



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Turtle Lodge